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txt file in the web server to make it easier.) 3. Go to the map. Draw the area you need to cover. 4. Load your weapon of choice. 5. Start "Shooting range" program. 6. Choose "Hardmap". 7. Click "game" button. 8. Click "shoot" button. 9. Wait as long as it takes to make sure you hit all the target. 10. Write the coordinates you want to store in the web server. 11. Click "Continue" button. 12. Hit "save". The file `run2.txt` contains what you wrote down in the previous step. 11. Click "Save" in web server to store it. 12. Choose the file `run2.txt` in the web server, and click "Open in wordpad" 13. Write down the coordinates to access the file. 14. Go back to "Shooting Range". 15. Click the "Edit" button. 16. In the tab "Information", click the "Upload" button. 17. Choose the file `run2.txt` you saved in the previous step. 18. Click "Upload" in web server. 19. Click the "Edit" button. 20. Click the "Submit" button. 21. Go to the new page, click "Upload" again, and choose "New", choose the .txt file you saved before. 22. Hit "Submit". 23. Click "New". 24. Write down the coordinates for the file to be stored on the server. 25. Click the "Edit" button. 26. Click the "Upload" button. 27. Choose the .txt file you saved before. 28. Hit "Submit". 29. Click "Upload". 30. Click the "Edit" button. 31. Click the "Submit" button. 32. Click the "Clear" button. 33. Click the "Submit" button. 34. Click the "Edit" button. 35. Hit "Submit". 36. Click the "Edit" button. 37. Click "Upload" in web server. 38. Choose the file `run3.txt` you




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